Phūla is a sustainable Kuwaiti womenswear brand founded by Esraa Alfagaan in 2013. Initially, the brand focused solely on accessories, which inspired its name. The concept behind PHŪLA, derived from the Indian word for "flower," was to craft hand-made accessories that would empower women, helping them bloom with confidence.

However, Esraa's journey as a fashion designer took an exciting turn after she graduated in 2017 with a designing degree and pursued additional fashion courses from various universities. This exploration led her to discover a profound love and passion for clothing design. Embracing her values for ethics and sustainability, she shifted her focus to creating elegant and effortless ready-to-wear slow fashion silhouettes.

The fashion world encompasses more than just a name, it carries a powerful message. Our creations are a reflection of feeling "Bold, Different, and Confident". These core values shine through in every piece we design, blurring the lines between making a statement and ensuring wearability. We strive to create fashion that empowers individuals, making them feel unique and self-assured with each garment they wear, while having to care for the environment.

Our designs are driven by a commitment to quality and craftsmanship, prioritizing each silhouette's finishing and details over mass production. We take pride in creating garments that not only catch the eye but also incorporate visible and intricate details. Sustainability is at the core of our brand philosophy, and we actively employ zero-waste techniques, utilizing recycled, upcycled, and organic textiles.

At odds with fleeting trends, our motto has always been to stand firm in our unique perspective. This approach allows us to embrace boundless, minimal, and sharp designs. Our ultimate goal is to craft slow fashion pieces that seamlessly align with an individual's personality and wardrobe, lasting as long as they're cherished.